Miele and Me: A Steam Iron System

When the folks at Miele invited Stefanie and me to visit the showroom and learn about Miele’s new steam ironing system I jumped at it. I might have sent an overly enthusiastic email about the four different dry cleaners/laundries I use. I might have mentioned that my secret dream is to own a mangle. I might have come off like a complete and utter freak, and guess what? I don’t even care.

We both have Miele canister vacuum cleaners and we both needed vacuum bags too so we decided to call it an errand and booked an appointment.

We’d both seen the webpage for the Fashion Master but neither of us had seen it in action.

We went to the showroom on Robertson and were greeted with the Miele Fashion Master in it’s storage position. If you’re curious about the footprint of this it’s a lot like taking the space an ironing board occupies and making it square. Not much more of the closet than what mine already takes up, plus the iron and steamer are included.

Miele Steam Ironing System

The folks at Miele set the system up and we were curious how it would work for different heights. The ironing board does adjust quite high so if you’re taller it’s a treat to have an ironing board that actually suits you. Then they were like, would you like to try it and we did this:

The Miele Steam Iron System has a heated ironing board as well as a blower

After giggling a bit we got in there and played with some of the features. Seamstresses and crafters already know that a heated ironing board cuts your time in half, maybe more. Adding fans to the board as well as a nonstick-delicate soleplate means that you can steam silks and screen prints without scorching anything.

A heated ironing board means that you don't have the flip your shirts over. You can just iron on one side and be finished

The steam is simple and you can use tap water. The system has water testing available so you can adapt it to suit your water’s mineral levels. It also lets you know when it’s time to descale. We did not see descaling (not time yet) but it appears to be as simple as using a cleaning solution and pressing a button as there is a computer system that cares for it all. Stefanie and I are accustomed to descaling as I do so for my teapot and she does for her coffee maker.

Once we tried the Miele Iron it was fun for everyone.

We started to use the Miele Ironing system and then burst into laughter after realizing that we'd just driven across town to do chores! www.WeAreMidlife.com

In fact everyone got a little silly, check behind us at the register.

We were having so much fun laughing while we were trying the Miele Steam Ironing System that even the store employees got in on the silliness. www.WeAreMidlife.com

We did get to ironing and there are some things about this that make it right system for the right buyer. Firstly, whomever owns this needs to be forward thinking and completely devoted to an impeccable wardrobe. The model we played with is priced at $2,499 and there’s another available at $1,999. I spend about $40 a week at the laundry and more still at the dry cleaner. I’d be wise to buy something like this and iron at home. I am not wise but I’m working on it.

For a seamstress or a crafter this makes infinite sense. The lightweight iron, the fact that the steam never drips, the ability to handle delicate fabrics and the structure of the board will make your hobby even more fun and productive.

Miele honeycomb makes it difficult to scorch your clothing with their iron

The honeycomb pattern makes it difficult to scorch your clothing and the extra template for delicates means that you can manage silks at home. A soft pad and heated board enable you to iron right over buttons and not in between them. This will cut down on loose threads and a significant amount of time. You just put the shirt button side down and run the iron.

Miele Fashion Master Steam Iron System has a board that heats up so you can iron right over the buttons.
We ironed a shirt right over the buttons, no more of that in-between.

Miele Fashion Master Steam Iron System has a board that heats up so you can iron over the buttons.

If the Miele Fashion Master reminds you of the giants rigs you see at the dry cleaner, you’re right. It’s a scaled down version of what the pros use.

Miele honeycomb makes it difficult to scorch your clothing with their iron

I’m curious what y’all are using at home and if your ironing board is tall enough for you? Mine is not. It was fun not having to hunch over.

We were invited to come see the new Miele Steam Ironing System. Which is a really great product for everyone from crafters to seamstresses and fashionistas. Of course we turned it a little silly but we also have some information to share. WeAreMidlife.com


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  1. June 23, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    I think Dawn fabric spray and a hanger is a great alternative to any ironing.


  2. June 27, 2017 at 11:06 pm

    You had me at buttons….

    As an amateur seamstress and semi-proficient Poshmark(er) this would enhance my life in oh so many ways!! Most days I just don’t have time to press that dress so that it hangs just so on my perfect mannequin- it would make listing a dream….. diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but this iron is what that girl wants when she grows up!


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