What could possibly make a woman react like this to a house?

A Million Dollar Home in Texas

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Stefanie and I were thinking about writing a post about what a million dollars will buy you in a few different regions. With that in mind I started poking around the web and found a house to show her. 

And then I jammed a camera in her face because I’m kind of an a**hole sometimes.

The front gate was inviting enough…

A normal looking gate for a mansion until you look closely

but upon closer inspection the guy standing there is a little different.

You realize that he looks a little like the girl who is busy TAP DANCING ON THE CEILING of the study

Artists have a child tap dance on their ceiling

And this is the moment where I realize that I don’t want to own this home. I want to befriend these people. I want to hang out with the woman whose master bath looks like this:

This is what an artist does in their master bathroom

Because I’m pretty sure she knows how to do a perfect manicure and I’m equally certain that her makeup blending skills are excellent.

I’m not sure what shocked Stefanie most, the tap dancer, the adult mannequins, or perhaps the fact that this is what $1.1 million gets you in Los Angeles.

This house is for sale in Los Angeles for slightly more than one million dollars.

And this is what the front of the artists’ house looks like.

A million dollar home in Texas looks lovely from the street and has surprises inside.


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