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The Enchanted Diamond Tulip in white gold and over 5 carats of diamonds.

When I’m shopping for high-end jewelry I seldom think of shopping online. I like to see how a piece of jewelry looks on me. Sometimes I need more information about how a diamond appraises or which types of metal are available, but shopping online with Anjolee Jewelry was different. I enjoyed the experience that mimicked shopping in a jewelry store in the comfort of my own home. 

Anjolee has made shopping for jewelry as simple as possible with an array of techniques including innovative augmented reality technology. This means that with my smartphone I was able to superimpose rings and bracelets onto an image of my hand so I could see how it would look. With no complicated software to download, Anjolee offers a comprehensive buying guide so that I was able to know the correct length of their necklaces and the anatomy of their rings. They include details that helped me with investing in the right quality diamond, the best buying practices for a bracelet, and I found all the information I needed in regarding precious metals, their finishes, safety locks, ring sizing, and how to care for each piece of jewelry they offer for sale. There’s even a specially dedicated diamond section where I was able to learn about the four C’s of diamonds: cut, color, carat, and clarity. 

I was particularly drawn to the diamond tennis bracelets, never having owned one before, and I absolutely adore the Enchanted Tulip Diamond Tennis Bracelet. The history of the diamond tennis bracelet began with famous tennis player Chris Evert losing her lined diamond bracelet during a match due to a broken clasp. Evert asked the officials if they would pause the game for her to find her bracelet. Once found, the bracelet was nicknamed the Tennis Bracelet, a term used lovingly to this day. 

The four prongs that hold the diamonds on this particular bracelet are in the shape of a Tulip, which creates a lovely style to showcase the diamonds. I was able to pick the size of the bracelet, the type and quality of the metal used, as well as the quality and size of the diamonds. 

The Enchanted Diamond Tulip Bracelet

Anjolee sent me an exact replica of the Enchanted Tulip Diamond Tennis bracelet, so I can speak specifically to the ease of using the website, the customer service I received and the presentation of the bracelet. When the order was complete I received regular shipping updates, and it arrived in a large hard-sided blue box, and inside of that a lovely lacquered wood jewelry box featuring interior LED lights that showcase the sparkle of the diamonds, or in my case the CZ diamonds. I am over the moon with the presentation of the bracelet. Anjolee even offers to send authentication certificates with your jewelry if you want them. 

The tennis bracelet arrived in a lacquered wood box with LED lights.

Buying fine jewelry is complicated and no one wants it to be any harder than necessary. With Anjolee you don’t have sales people pushing the most expensive piece on you, and because you are shopping online, the prices are considerably lower than in a brick and mortar store. The shopping experience was delightful and the 30-day return policy is very comforting when making a large purchase. 

My bracelet is beautiful, it lies nicely on my wrist and the craftsmanship is impressive. I hope you will take a look at the Anjolee website,  for the bracelet that I chose, and find something that you would like for yourself. 

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