Win two passes to the 2017 WITI Annual Summit in San Jose

Women In Technology Summit (And Girls Too)

WITI (Women in Technology International) is one of the first groups for Women in Technology. With a global network approaching 2 million women it’s been a favorite resource of mine throughout my career. In a few days they’ll host their 23rd Annual Summit in San Jose, California and for the 16th year in a row I will be unable to attend because my children seem to attend schools where the WITI Summit is smack dab in the middle of Final Exams or High School Graduation.

Allow me a moment to melt down at the fact that I am nearly in possession of a high school graduate.

Anyhow, back to WITI. This year they have a Middle School and High School track on June 11th. I was offered tickets for myself and my daughter but getting there would be impossible so I want to open it up to you guys.

Would you like two tickets to the 23rd Annual WITI Summit? The program is here and it’s chock full of learning from leaders in their fields. I can tell you this, with Amanda Coolong as emcee and Laurel Mintz hosting a panel I know there is content that will entertain and enlighten. These are two of the smartest women I’ve met in my decade with the Silicon Beach gang.

In any event I asked for the tickets even though I can’t go and two of you are going to win them.

If you’d like to ensure tickets for yourself you can sign up here and use the promo code INSPIRE17 to Save $250 off the conference pass and get a year of WITI membership free. 

If you win the giveaway after having purchased we’ll have WITI refund your purchase price.

We’d be so excited if one of you brought your daughter to the teen program on the 11th which is a partnership with Code Circle.

As someone with a background in both education and technology I cannot emphasize enough how impressive it is that Code Circle teaches the logic behind programming. Anyone can memorize snippets. A real education has girls understanding why those snippets of code exist.

Women In Technology Teen Track


Good luck! I wish I could be there.

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iPad is still a relevant and useful tool

Confessions of an iPad Devotee

One of my favorite Christmas gifts of 2016 was my new iPad. It’s almost embarassing how much I gush about it. I didn’t need a new iPad, my old one wasn’t broken but it wasn’t the new style (and it was Christmas). As soon as I got a look at the split screen and the stylus it was easy to say, “Yes, I want that.” And I pointed my grateful husband in the general direction of the Apple Store.

This is my third iPad, and I appreciate that each has been an improvement from the generation prior.

I am not computer savvy. As I’ve said before, when Jessica approached me about starting This Is Midlife, I made sure she knew that I was not technologically gifted. So I can’t really tell you how many gigs of RAM there are, how many pixels, how much memory there is (I do say I want all the memory there is to the Apple sales person), or all those things Jessica seems to care about. I’ve never had an iPad break, or have I needed to go to the Genius Bar. I hate the Genius Bar. My iPads just do what they’re supposed to do and they do it without breaking.

Before my youngest child started to drive I spent a lot of time in the car waiting. At tutoring. At soccer. At piano lessons. The portability of my iPads have been invaluable. I don’t need wifi and I can do a a hundred different things on them at a time. I’ve used my iPads to read books, catch up on my TV viewing, answer emails, work on our Instagram account, sort photos, and more. Not only do I get to use the thousands of apps out there, but if an app doesn’t please me I still have the option of using my data plan and surfing the net.

My newest iPad is huge, bigger than the size of a sheet of paper. Which has inspired me to draw on it! I primarily work from my iPad (which baffles Jessica), but I still need my computer for some things. Traveling with an iPad is easy peasy since it uses the same charging device as my phone.

While I love to support my local independent bookstore, sometimes when my Book Club has chosen a book that isn’t something I love and I don’t want it cluttering up my bookshelves, it’s just easier to download the book on my iPad. (Sorry Skylight). I am pretty sure that I’ll never convince Jessica that an iPad is a useful tool, but I love that it is an easy trusted companion when I am on the go, making me always feel prepared and always providing me with something to do when I want it.