If We Had a Queen Leader Her Name Would be Celeste

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If the midlife community were to anoint ourselves just one leader it undoubtedly would be the great Celeste Barber. She’s a truth teller. A giggle maker. A holder of mirrors to our absurd celebrity culture.

She’s willing to be the butt of the joke. But really, is she? Or are the celebs?

Because let’s be candid I don’t even understand why Kelly Osborne took this photo. No one does.

Just a quick poke around Instagram with a quick search for #celestechallengeaccepted and you’ll find Barber recreating all sorts of interesting Instagram poses.

You’ll learn fun facts, like that boys lie but carbs do not.

Also, who is this person and why are they doing this? I’ve often affirmed that your 20’s should be spent more naked but… well this is a head scratcher. Not Celeste’s photo. Celeste is perfection.

We hope that if we find ourselves in Oz our leader would take us boating.

Because the only thing more absurd than Celeste’s bikini photo on the bottom is whatever it is that’s happening on the bow of that ship.

And the only had better than my CREATIVE F*CKER hat is Celeste’s #CHALLENGEACCEPTED trucker hat. I feel like we could be friends.


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