Dior, We Adore!

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I have a crush. Yes, I could go all Charlize Theron and start espousing in French how much I J’adore Dior but non, je t’aime Dior makeup! Yes, it’s an expensive love. Thankfully, I don’t usually go all out on Dior because I don’t discriminate when it comes to makeup. But when Dior announced their Summer 2018 Cool Wave line, I may have swooned. For the last three years there has been a dominance of warm colors in the Spring and Summer palettes, which Dior didn’t deviate but instead, they added something I’ve been longing for a, a nice cool wave of blues that will give a wash of icy sparkle to the eyes. Recently, there was an April Fools Day where another makeup brand did state that they were releasing a cool blue palette that the public said, “Yay!” and then Dior was prepared to give the public what they wanted when the jokester didn’t realize what a demand they were going to create.

If you’ve never worked with Dior eyeshadows, they are always buttery soft with high pigment and great blendability.

The only thing I wish that Dior makeup would do more of is two mattes in a palette or even one with the Cool Waves, where there were no true mattes but some really soft shimmers that were close to mattes but you still had to cannibalize other palettes to get your crease/transition colors on your eyes. The eyeshadows will go on beautifully, blend together that any novice can use them and they stay all day!  I utilized my Dior 5 Couleurs Exalt palette, which is all matte shades and in the classic quilted stamped eye shadow pattern, to round out the Cool Wave collection. One thing I’ve noticed is that the Dior Collections typically complement an existing Couleurs palette giving you more room to be creative. The Cool Wave collection also includes beautiful lip stains, lip plumper, bronzers for all skin tones and a few odds and ends.

Dior's 2018 Makeup collection is on point

As for looks using these new palettes, head over to my Instagram @TheAgeofFabulous where I’ll be posting the looks I come up with my Dior goodies over the coming months because DAMN are they good.

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