Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad & Role Model

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We’re pretty sure we found a gift for everyone here. For you Dad, your Grandfather, your Uncle, for your husband, for the guy who is like a father to you, all the guys who make all the kids feel like they have a hero to worship.

When we were sent an iPad cover from Urban Armor Gear Jessica snagged it right away. It was supposed to be a Father’s Day gift for Mr. G but she’s terrible at delayed gratification, good at dropping iPads, and waiting seemed like a terrible idea. It’s sturdy, it’s attractive, it’s decidedly masculine, and it meets military specs for drop testing. Impressive


Stefanie’s husband is getting something from this board. Maybe more than one something…

Fathers Day Gift Guide for every man in your life

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On a budget? Most of the Dads we surveyed on social media didn’t really care too much about the gift. They wanted time with their families. If you’re like us you get great joy from giving gifts. So with that in mind here are some great Father’s Day Gifts for $50 or less.
Fathers Day Gifts for 50 Dollars or Less
  1. It’s called the Space Pen in part because you can write with it upside down. Thiscan be engraved with the first line free. Because it’s raw brass this will develop a patina unique to Dad’s hand and grip. $17
  2. Alaskan Salmon Caviar from Khavyar is a great gift for Dad. Mostly though we want to share this with him. We love ikura and the presentation is gift worthy. $13 to OMG
  3. Jessica got her hands on The Alter Ego water bottle at C2 in Montreal. It’s a water bottle with a built in filter. It’s $65, goes over budget (sorry!) and is worth every penny.
  4. Dune Jewelry has the greatest gift for the golfing dad. This divot repair tool features sand from his least favorite part (the sand trap) of his favorite course.  $20
  5. We love the socks from French designer Emile Lafaurie for Sean and encourage you to poke around their site for some really interesting takes on classic looks. $20 each
  6. New Dads need their own baby bags. Seasoned Dads need a really great gym bag. This small cammo duffle from Quilted Koala is reduced to $50 just in time for Father’s Day. Normally $138.

Some Dads just can’t stay away from the grill.

When we asked our Facebook Friends what they wanted for Father’s Day the first answer was a vague, “time with my family.” And everyone who got specific talked about grilling in the afternoon or the evening. We heard you! Here are our favorite finds for the dad who just wants to grill the day away.
Fathers Day Gift Guide for the Dad who loves to grill end up being gifts for the whole family.
  1. The Broken Cleaver Butcher Apron has us swooning $75
  2. The DynaTrap Mosquito Murderer (Okay it’s actually called a trap but we are vengeful women and the mosquitos have it coming). Starting at $139 for outdoor traps, these are safe for hummingbirds and honey bees. Dad will enjoy his garden again.
  3. Music and grilling go together. These outdoor speakers have great ratings and are just $40.
  4. Everyone needs at Pit Mitt. You can pick coals up with one on. A glorious experience. $16
  5. This All Clad Grill Set will last a lifetime and perhaps most importantly it stores neatly. $120
  6. A Kamado cooker is a luxury that every griller dreams of. You can cook, sear, and smoke on these unique and precise grills. $759

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