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I have to confess that I get more pleasure from gift giving than receiving. As a rule I’ve generally bought myself all of what I need and most of what I want. I’m not frugal by any stretch but I’ve got limited interest in objects that won’t stand the test of time.

With that in mind here are gifts that would delight me (or someone like me):

Watercoloring Books! 

Remember the coloring book craze of 2016? Well, 2017 is gonna be a stressful year so add water to that. Here’s a link to purchase my favorite (under $20).

watercolor book for adults


I’m a scarf person. I forget to wear necklaces and I’m always cold. That scarves are attractive accessories is icing on the ombre cake. You never have to ask a lady’s size when you bring her a scarf and this purple ombre scarf from LoveKnitz is 50/50 wool and cashmere. Cost $195

xmas cashemere ombre scarf

M Cushion (A massage pillow)

Everyone loves a shiatsu massage but life gets in the way of having one each day. The M Cushion has a built in deep kneading shiatsu massage. I’m recommending this one blind, I’ve not seen it, touched it or experienced it but I’m likely ordering it so we’ll all decide together if it was a good idea.

Buy the M Cushion here for $160

M Cushion: A throw pillow with a built in shaitsu massage

A Tea Subscription

I love tea. I recently picked up Lord Bergamont from Smith Teas and enjoyed it so much that I’ll likely subscribe myself. You know that colleague who is always wandering around the office with a cup of tea? Try Smith Tea, they’ll be grateful. If you’re feeling generous get them a year’s subscription if it’s not in budget scroll around the site and find a couple of tins for gifting.

If you follow SmithTeamakers on twitter they often share discount codes.

12 month tea subscription $179 

smith teamakers subscription

Diamond Studs. Obviously. 

Dan Moran from Concierge Diamonds has taken the diamond stud and elevated it with a unique halo design. This makes them appear larger and brighter. Yes, we’re perfectly capable of buying our own diamonds, we’re adult women after all. But there’s something special about getting diamonds as a gift.

[If I can be candid, this is really just a hint to my husband.]

Prices upon request 

Diamond Stud Earrings


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