Our favorite hoop earrings are in mixed metals

Hoop Earrings: The Essential Accessory

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This post was sponsored by JTV.com. I was paid for this post and received JTV.com jewelry pieces as compensation.

I was in middle school when my mother “got her colors done”. She went to a woman who held small swatches of fabric next to her cheeks and then her eyes. This somehow determined which colors were her best. A fan, my Mom then signed all four of her daughters up to have our colors done. I was told I should wear gold jewelry and pretty shades of green and yellow. This would bring out the color of my eyes. At the time I thought it was all a little hokey but when my mom was on to something, there was no stopping her.

From that moment forward all the jewelry I owned was mostly yellow gold. My engagement ring and wedding band were yellow gold. In the early 2000’s I discovered that I really enjoyed white gold and platinum. I enjoyed the creativity of mixing metals and sometimes I didn’t want to wear gold at all.

Even if silver wasn’t “my color” I wanted to wear it.

Today, I wear what I like, and what makes me feel good. I especially love wearing white gold with black. When JTV approached us, I was all too excited to look for a pair of white gold earrings to wear with a little black dress I have. These hoop earrings are perfect and they really do dress up an outfit, which is exactly what I needed. They aren’t so big that they can’t be worn during the day, but they also make a strong statement with a nighttime outfit.

We spend time together at least once a week planning our photos and our blog posts. We talk about who we are interacting with and try to find new ways to feature people, places, and things. These are creative meetings.


Wearing hoop earrings

If you follow us on Instagram you already know that Jessica is mid-remodel. We’re working in sub-optimal conditions. For instance this is the “wall” that we use for the kitchen.


We don't have walls in the house. Yikes!


Stefanie taking photos of her new earrings

Sometimes though, we work from the hot tub. Which is very very professional and we think that all offices everywhere should have this sort of work environment.

Business meetings in the jacuzzi

And sometimes your friend comes over to take your photos and almost falls in the pool

Gasping when your friend almost falls in the pool.

Jessica chose champagne diamonds set in yellow gold. Hers is a more delicate look and it’s just a few shades darker than her hair. We did notice that her wedding set is white gold, the opposite of the colors recommended to her in the mid 80’s when she was deemed an “Autumn” by the color lady.


Here's the selfie you were looking for

Gold hoops with champagne diamonds

Hoops are an essential accessory for both of us. With or without gemstones a good pair of hoop earrings will frame your face and set the tone for your outfit. A ponytail and a large pair of gold earrings is perfect with a boho-chic outfit. Slick back that ponytail and put on a modern black dress and all of a sudden your hoops are dramatic.

One of the nice things about hoops are their practicality. Dangly earrings can get wound up in my hair when I’m running around (hiking anyone?). Studs disappear if I’m having a big hair day. Hoops are workhorses. They don’t slide out, fall off, disappear they look great with everything from casual to dressy, and they will never go out of style.


Close up of silver hoops

If you are interested in purchasing the earrings that Jessica or I are wearing JTV has a
full line of hoops
for every budget and every color rule you decide to break.

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