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Introducing Jenifer: Our Beauty Expert and Product Junkie

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Who the hell is Jenifer*? I’m the lady who will be bringing all things beauty to We Are Midlife. I’m a self-proclaimed beautyaholic in my late 30s trying to keep my face looking the best that it can with or without make up.

I believe that we can enjoy makeup at any age and I’d like to share with you the things that I’ve found in my journey of experimenting with high end, luxury, and drug store make up. I’m also unapologetically addicted to skincare. I know what is on the market to make your skin glow, where to find something with collagen, or how to make a line or two disappear for a night. And if you just want a great moisturizer, I’m your gal for that as well. (Side note: Best tip, drink ALL the water it’ll give you the best skin.)

A little bit about me, I’ve never had cosmetic surgery but this is not my original face. I had a septoplasty where my nose got accidentally altered for the better and double jaw surgery where my face was purposefully and wonderfully altered. It’s a long, drawn out, genetically messed up story.

I’m married to a brilliant man, Brian. He’s my in-house tech support. Brian owns his own IT company and he loves me, so he’s pretty darn special. We have three children of the fur, of the feline variety, Lola, Lucy and Penelope. We reside outside of Houston, Texas where I work trying to save the world one dollar at a time.

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Look for my posts, about two a month and make the world your own kind of beautiful!

*Yes, Jenifer with one “N” because I was born in the UK and they messed up my birth certificate and my parents thought “What the hell?!”

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