One Two Magnetic False Eyelashes Review

I Bought Those Magnetic False Eyelashes that are Advertised Everywhere

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I’ve seen a flurry of advertisements for magnetic eyelashes on Facebook and Instagram.

I was enthralled.

I asked Jessica if I should try them and she didn’t think I should. She thought they would feel heavy and that they would bug me. After thinking about it for a bit, I agreed. I have never worn fake eyelashes (a mishap from January 2010 made me never want to try that again) and I was terrified of eyelash extensions after everything I had read that could go wrong.  The primary one being when your own eyelashes fall out to never grow back- I have no desire to have bald eyelids. Fast forward a bit and I read an article on another beauty site about magnetic eyelashes where the author purchased a pair and gave them a whirl. She said that after a million times of trying to get them on she finally succeeded and she LOVED them! I was thrilled!

I have a girlfriend who had turned 50 recently and indulged in eyelash extensions to celebrate her birthday. She looked great though she was slightly scared about the upkeep and cost. I wanted those fabulous looking eyelashes so badly but I was still too scared to do that. So I decided what the heck, I am going to buy the magnetic eyelashes and try them out.

One set of “natural” looking lashes cost me $69.00 and included two sets of lashes. I was so excited to try them out!

Let me tell you the beauty editor was right. My first attempt looked like this


This is my first attempt at magnetic eyelashes, my second attempt was much better.


Ten tries later I was not doing much better

It wasn't so easy getting my magnetic eyelashes on at first.


Then on my 500,000th attempt I thought I had them on, showed my 17-year-old daughter (who is always very happy to give an honest impression), and she said, “You look like you have had very bad plastic surgery and your skin’s been pulled too tight.”


Magnetic eyelashes that make me look like I have a bad eye job.


Yikes, that’s not a good look! Back to the bathroom mirror.


I did a little adjusting, I showed her again and she said, “I can’t tell, but I think they’re okay.” High praise from a teen.

After multiple try's of getting my magnetic eyelashes on, I look like I have had plastic surgery.

I decided I needed to try them out in public. So off I went to lunch, thinking that if I get any double takes when I take off my sunglasses, I know that I need to run to the bathroom and remove them. Things went well. I didn’t get the impression that anyone was just looking at my eyes in that weird way, you know, when someone tilts their head and you can tell they are thinking, “What’s wrong with her face? I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

After about two hours my eyelids felt fine. I knew the magnetic lashes were there- but they didn’t hurt nor were they bothering me. Now the test was to be around people who “kind of” know me.

I had to drop my daughter off with her youth group to go away for the weekend. Standing in the parking lot the wind had picked up and I was afraid my eyelashes might blow off, but they didn’t. My eyelids still felt good and I hadn’t received any weird looks. They certainly didn’t feel bad, I actually kind of liked it. I enjoyed the way my lashes looked and while I am not sure that I could pull them off for everyday wear- I think you could if you wanted. (Just remember you can wear whatever you like.)

Lots and lots of people (women, men, and teens) in LA wear eyelash extensions. My husband, normally a very observant guy, did not notice. When I finally pointed them out he said, “Really? They look good.” My husband works behind the camera in the entertainment industry- he’s paid to notice this stuff.


These are my natural lashes with mascara on;

These are my natural lashes with just mascara. Click through and watch my adventure with magnetic eyelashes at

I was a bit worried that the lashes might look overly fake from the top down, but I think these look pretty good.

Final look of my magnetic eyelashes


I am enjoying my One Two Lashes. If you try them let us know what you think! You can leave your fail photos in the comments if you’re brave enough.

Next step: Wear them with your girl-friends and see if they notice.

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  1. OMG! I’m dying over your daughter’s comments! Definitely constructive criticism, right? But seriously, they look really pretty but it doesn’t sound easy at all.

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