A Woman’s Last Words with her Mother

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Just before a young woman’s mother died she had a conversation with her mother and it was recorded on video. It looks as though they lost the sound.

She took to the internet to ask if anyone knows how to lipread and could tell her what her mother’s last words to her were.

A redditor called FriendsAreSh*t wrote this:


Uh huh.

“Did you pack your stuff away […]?”

I’m okay


Do you have anything you want to tell me [….]

“Oh. Is there something you want me to tell you?”

Tell me you love me.

“I love you.”

Thank you

“I do. I think you’re […]”


“You’re pretty proud of yourself, aren’t you/you’re pretty hard on yourself, aren’t you?”


“Oh, I think I would say.. uhh.. maybe about 75% of the time.”


“Strong 75%.”



I’m trying/I try.

“You do good […]” ??

“I have to apologize.”

Okay/for what?

“For some strange reason […]”

It’s okay.


I don’t know sound with shrugging shoulders

Mom takes a drink of water.


Okay, sounds good.

“But, I do […]”


“Don’t eat em all at once, you’ll get pimples”



And then user ThisIsMyDesktop added the following:

If you crank the original audio right up and put your headphones on the side of your throat instead of your ears, you can hear the voice quite clearly.

Uh huh.

You should pack your stuff away and let me read it to you

I’m okay


Do you have anything, do you want to tell me that you like me?

Oh. Is there something you want me to tell you?

Tell me you love me.

I love you

Thank you

I do. I think you know that.


And then we all fell in love with the internet one more time.

Can you help decode this video? I was stunned to learn about the neck trick. Let’s all work together to help this young woman with her video.

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