Pastel Motorcycle Jackets

Pastel Moto Jackets at Every Price and Size

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I was picking up some basics today from a bunch of different departments when I noticed that pastel motorcycle jackets are basically everywhere. Okay, maybe I wasn’t shopping basics when I was over in the Rebecca Taylor section caressing the fabrics but I was noticing what the Spring 2017 Trends are and pastel moto jackets are everywhere. Rebecca Taylor’s lilac version is stunning and at $895 it’s a trend you’ve got to love not just like.

If you’re like me you are a sucker for craftsmanship and quality. If you’re like me you don’t have a bank account that can support thousand dollar purchases that will last a year, two if you’re lucky. If you’re like me you wouldn’t spend that kind of money even if you could afford it.

We all have to decide if a pink or lilac biker jacket is the item we want to own for several years.

I’m leaning toward “Yes” and it’s entirely likely that I’ll be bringing home the Rebecca Taylor version. If you’re learning toward one year or two I found pastel motorcycle jackets at every price-point and a couple of plus sized versions too.

If you buy one or already own one we’d love to see how it looks. Tag us on Instagram and show us how you styled one of the season’s hottest trends.

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