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Playing at the Cop Copine Showroom

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This week Stefanie and I got to live a dream. Cop Copine opened their showroom for us and we were able to preview their fall lines as well as try on their Spring/Summer collection. I already own a few pieces from the current collection as you’ve seen here, here, and here.

We pulled out my Huawei P9 camera and I’m only telling you this because I think these are some of the best photos we’ve taken in a while (be generous we are NOT photographers). And we have edited none of these photos. The photos have been resized but are otherwise completely untouched.

All the clothes on the rack are a size 36 and I wear a 38 so there will be no close ups of the jumper where my bra is sticking out, but trust me, it will be adorable in a size that actually fits.

Here are our favorites from Spring/Summer 2017, these items are currently in the stores. In August we’ll bring you the Fall/Winter lines. We’re not allowed to show you what they are but we can tell you that the colors are splendid, the fabrics are interesting, and the workmanship is decidedly French.


Currently Cop Copine has two stores in the US, both are in California but you can shop online. They’re very true to size and I’d urge you to not be afraid of the more body conscious dresses. They use thick enough fabrics with some great detail so we’ll be showing off our assets not our imperfections.

Shop online at

Instagram: @CopCopineUSA

If you go to the Pasadena store everyone is really wonderful. I particularly enjoyed working with Anthony:

One Colorado
Old Town Pasadena
12 Douglas Alley
Pasadena, CA 91103
Tel: (626) 796-1985

San Francisco
352 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94108
Tel: (415) 989-9035

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