Shopping tips to stay on trend but still in a classic style with straw purses, the must have accessory for spring time.

Straw Bags for Springtime

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If you’ve ever sat with Jessica and me you’ve heard us talk about the difference between a trend piece and an investment piece. We are never opposed to owning fashion or accessories that are on trend but we blanch at overspending on them.

Style is lasting. Trends come and go. Every so often there’s a trend that you know is really a classic in disguise and this summer the straw handbag is exactly that trend. It’s a classically elegant style that comes out of hiding once or twice in a decade.

We love straw bags because when you’re trapped in the city you feel like you’re in the country. When you’re trapped in the country you can pretend like you’re on a beach. When you’re on the beach you can shake the sand right out of them without opening a zipper, latch or drawstring.

This spring’s ubiquitous bag is clearly the Indigo & Lavender straw bag from Madewell. You’ll see it all over Instagram and all over town. Sometimes when you see a bag everywhere it’s because it’s a great idea. Sometimes when you see a bag everywhere it’s boring as all get out. We’re going with the former.

We are in love with the giant straw disc.

I have my own favorite straw bags. I have bought them over the years, one was a Mother’s Day gift from my husband. I typically only wear them a few days a year but this season will be different. This is the year that my bags get a lot of wear.

You see, straw bags really are an investment piece. It’s an accessory that’s timeless and will pay you back in a few years when the trend is straw bags and yours is just a little different.

Summer Basket Purses


Here are some great options ranging from  a modest $54 to very not modest numbers

Weaved basket
$54 –

Betsey Johnson glitter handbag
$108 –

JADEtribe round purse
$142 –

Patricia nash bag
$149 –

Orange home decor
$150 –

Edie Parker tote bag purse
$995 –

Edie Parker crossbody tote bag
$1017 –

Mark Cross leather bucket bag
$1786 –

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