What three items should every tennis bag have in the hot summer months

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This week I had three discoveries in the tennis pro shop that are changing my game. Firstly, it’s hot here. Not a little hot. Very. Saturday’s match began in 90° heat. USTA rules don’t call games for heat unless the temperature is 95° or higher when you begin.

So we played. And we struggled and my opponent tried to sit longer than 90 seconds when we switched sides, and I tried to move her along without making either of us too miserable.

I had a secret weapon and it’s about to be the worst kept secret ever because I’m basically telling everyone I know that Endurolytes will change their game.

You’re supposed to take two an hour with lots of water. The guys at the bike shop explained to me that it’s important to make sure you’re drinking a lot of water with them or you’ll be out of balance. One said to treat water and Endurolytes like peanut butter and jelly. I nodded thinking I’d just bought the world’s most expensive placebo. But during my match when I was drenched with sweat and popping just one capsule an hour while feeling no effects of the heat I decided that Endurolytes were the best trick ever. Even better than the salt packets I stole from fast food joints when I used to run marathons.

Endurolytes saved me from muscle cramps and fatigue in the heat.

The next time I play I’ll try taking two an hour. I just love getting electrolytes without having to drink sweet things or eat candies.

My second discovery only applies if you wear a women’s sized shoe up to size 9.

I’ve had a really tough time finding no-show socks that don’t slip down my shoe when I’m playing. It seems as though when I jump or serve the socks sort of slide down my heel and into the arch of my foot in the most uncomfortable way. I mentioned this to one of the ladies in the pro shop and she said, “Don’t you know about the socks.”  And I just stared at her dumbfounded. I did not know about the socks.

Nike No-Show Tab Socks in a Youth large size is the right size for most women

Apparently the Nike Elite Cushioned Support socks in 4-6 youth is the perfect size for my foot (Women’s size 8.5 US). Buy some, you’re welcome.

Lastly I found that CVS’ spray bottle hand sanitizer is a lifesaver when you need to get sunscreen off your palms during a match.

I coat myself in sunscreen before I warm up, spray my body again after warming up and reapply to my face and neck. Every 30 minutes or so I’m spraying again so by the time I’ve had a couple of hours on the court (sometimes three if I’m playing doubles) there is a thick layer of sunscreen all over me and it does nothing to help my grip.

I found that a couple sprays of this hand sanitizer is extremely helpful when there just isn’t the opportunity to wash your hands.

CVS hand sanitizer is a must have for your hot weather tennis bag.

I’m ready for a hot summer with plenty of great match play. What are your hot weather gear tips?

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