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I was supposed to be posting about skincare and beauty products on a regular basis. Sometimes life puts a brick wall in my way. I have a  genetic condition called hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) plus some friends of osteoarthritis, spondylolisthesis and a few others that are boring and require medical journals to spell correctly.

This Texas winter has been rougher than usual. With temperatures plummeting below 20° my body reacted poorly. My joints locked up, making walking near impossible and raising my arms above my head only tolerable when changing clothes or showering under a hot stream of water.  Typing or grabbing a pen was tolerable for only brief moments because it was done with the tips of my fingers and didn’t require a lot of pressure. If I wasn’t working, I was resting, trying to fill up my stores of energy for the next day.

The one thing I could do for myself, and I made myself do, was to keep up with a skin regimen. For five to ten minutes a day, usually right after I took a shower, I would look and the mirror and pray to the Powers-that-Be that there were no more wrinkles. Firstly, I don’t wash my skin every day. Shocking, I know. I use Simple Micellar Water Wipes in the morning and after work to remove makeup. And I only wash my face when I take a shower. And yes, I don’t shower every day. Because of the EDS, I have dry skin and daily showering is really rough on it.  Further, washing your face every day strips your skin of the natural oils that keep skin supple.

Jenifer's Skincare Regimen


Never forget the toner. Your skin loves it.

I suspect that toner is underutilized as people wrongly believe that it’s a wasteful step. They think that they just cleaned their face and that’s enough. But toner goes into your pore and grabs out the dirt. I use Kate Sommerville Clarifying Treatment Toner on Shiseido Facial Cotton. The toner is necessary as it can stop acne in its tracks. The cotton pads do not tug at your skin ever. Why is it that some acne never goes away no matter how far removed we are from puberty?

Next, we move into eye serums and creams.

I slather eye serums around my orbital bones so no fine lines can live here. I lied. A few have moved it, but we’re stopping them their friends from coming and ruining the neighborhood. I switch between two items: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Eye Repair Concentrate Mix, which has a pain in the butt applicator but works like a dream for stopping the signs of aging. I also use Korres Black Pine 3D Sculpting, Firming and Lifting Super Eye Serum that leaves your eyes are high and tight. Now I don’t use a cream at this time because I feel I get enough moisture from my two products, that I alternate. In the morning, to get rid of puffiness before putting on makeup, Physicians Formula just put out a quality depuffing gel called RefreshMint Cucumber & Bamboo Eye DePuffer that packs up your early morning bags for the day. Love it!

Let’s talk about skin serums.

Now serums are personal because selecting one may depend on your age, skin type, and skin needs. It used to be that serums were only available at the beauty counter and were big bucks. In the last few months, serums have come to the drug store at the level of Physicians Formula. I’ve not yet tried one, so I cannot speak to their quality.  Since I am putting this on my skin and I want results, I will put my money down. I have used La Prarie and La Mer, but I don’t think you need to go that high end unless you know you enjoy them and it works for you. If you have oilier skin look for water-based serums or serums were oil is lower down on the ingredients list. But think about the top three things that you want to correct on your face and stick to a regimen that targets them.

My three skincare issues are firmness, discolored areas, and fine lines.

For firmness I stick with Aveda’s tulsara firm concentrate, I have no clue what tulsara means but I like the results. To tackle any discoloration or dark spots, I use C+ Collagen Brighten and Firm Vitamin C Serum which also boosts firming.  Then to combat the wrinkles I use The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Squaline. Yes, you read that right, a retinoid which is the base of a retinol. No prescription but as effective. If you click that link, you’ll see the price and faint from the money savings. The Ordinary doesn’t have fancy packaging nor does it have high prices. It’s amazing. I’m in the process of testing more of their line to see if it’s going to take over other parts of my skin care regimen.

Finally, I moisturize, and I alternate that as well. In the morning I use Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics All-Sensitive lotion because it’s light and my skin absorbs it quickly. In the evening I trade off between putting a straight oil – yup an oil – on as a moisturizer, The Ordinary’s 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil so that my skin gets all the moisture from something completely natural. The other is a moisturizer from Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream. It helps improve skins tone, texture, and firmness (it has two of my big three).

That’s my routine, and it lets me feel like I’m babying myself. Well, I’m treating my skin like a newborn baby. Because I want to keep looking like it did the day it was born.

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  1. I recently switched to an oil facial moisturizer at night as well. Verdict still out, it’s only been a few days, but so far so good—and I have oily skin!

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