A collection of tote bags with flat straps so they won't fall off your shoulder.

Tote Bags with Flat Handles: A Very Particular Request

Jessica Gottlieb Fashion 2 Comments

I was DMing on Facebook with my friend Chris and she was asking me if I could think of a good tote bag without rolled handles. I was baffled as to why she didn’t want rolled¬†handles but Chris has a very active life. With a pre-school aged child, a busy career and an online community devoted to baby-wearing on a budget this is a woman who knows what she needs and why.

Chris is like many other women who want a flat handle. The rolled shoulders slide off her shoulders.

So I went in search of great, not good but great, tote bags that feature flat shoulder straps. Here are my favorites. Whenever possible I’ve included everything from OMG that’s expensive to OMG that’s all? To etsy, loaners, and secondhand finds.

img src=”http://wearemidlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/tote-bags-with-flat-handles.png

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    2. I get more compliments on my $26 Target shoulder bag than any designer purse I own. And it has flat handles.

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