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What’s Old is New Again: The Vintage Cosmetic Company

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The Vintage Cosmetic Company gifted me a few of their products because they know I’m vintage. Or old. I’m kidding. They just know I’m going to provide an honest review with no BS.

I thought I wasn’t familiar with the Vintage Cosmetic Company but then I realized that I was already a fan when I opened the Hair Turban and saw that I already own two of them. I prefer them to the Turbie Twist because it has buttons rather than relying on wrapping the towel to secure the turban to my head. The two buttons make it a great choice for those of us who have shorter haircuts or want to use it for kids. Since it’s made of a thick, nice looped terry cloth, it is incredibly absorbent and quite comfortable.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Hair Turban is Ultra Absorbent

The next accessory that was in the box was the Blue Belle Make-Up Headband. This is an elasticized terry-cloth headband that gripped my head without putting me into a headlock of pain, unlike some other headbands. The gigantic bow on my head reminded me that I ought to be feeling ultra-feminine or a little like Minnie Mouse, which is also a lot of fun. I recommend doing your hair after you do your make up. With elastic sewn into the terry cloth, it might cause slight crimping if worn for too long. Also, the headband tends to slip if you have a small head so it’s not a great option for young girls or women with smaller craniums. (If you don’t like blue, they also have light pink and magenta.)

The Vintage Co washable headband with bows


Also included in the box were Make-Up Melts which are like the Make-Up Erasers. There are three of these square cloths that use just water to remove makeup. They work as much as anything will work with water only. I personally don’t believe anything will remove all of my make up without oil. The cloth with removed mascara and foundation well enough, but then I followed up with a second makeup remover as well to ensure that my face was REALLY clean.

The Make-Up Melts are microfiber and grabbed my face and removed everything that’s not attached to skin and bone. It’s not rough but makeup doesn’t really stand a chance. I like that Make-Up Melts come in packs of three. I always felt like I was getting a clean cloth against my face.

The perfect bath pillow

Finally, magically, I was given an inflatable bath pillow. This pillow is luxurious as it has a soft layer of plastic that mimics the touch of suede. The mandatory suction cup on the back of the pillow is impressive. I had to move that bad boy three million to times to get it JUST RIGHT and (of course) a moment later the bath water was cold. I drained the tub, added more hot water, and continued on with my bath. It was important to me that I reviewed this properly so a double hot water bath is like me working for the reader, right? I only had to blow the bath pillow up once. Now it lives on the ledge of my tub, securely suction-cupped, to the great consternation of my cleaning ladies who have to navigate around it every time they clean the tub.

Wrapping this long post (and if you’re still here – HIGH FIVE), the products from The Vintage Cosmetic Company are four for four. They are fairly priced, good quality, and if the other products last as long as my hair turbans, they are going to stick around for a few years. On the company website, it appears that The Vintage Cosmetic Company sells a wide variety of beauty products from makeup brushes to hair brushes to lashes. I’m impressed, you might be too.

Note: The above-noted products were gifted to me with neither a promise of a favorable review nor an exchange of money.

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