We apologize to women everywhere for being quiet when we should have taken a stand

We Apologize

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We catered to the lowest common denominator here. We were silent when Trump was loud. We whispered when Planned Parenthood came under attack. We shook our heads silently and didn’t want to offend the people who agreed with a misanthrope, a xenophobe, and a racist.

And for that we apologize.

When we launched We Are Midlife we made a conscious decision to stay completely apolitical. We declined to publish photos that featured women wearing feminist slogans. We didn’t want to offend anyone.

What is it they say? If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. 

We still don’t want to dive into American (or International) politics. We have treated our Instagram account as a light and fluffy place to be during dark times. We believe that America is currently in very complicated times. We also believe in democracy and freedom. We believe the ship can be righted. We enjoy mornings where we leave comments telling strangers they are pretty. We don’t want to give that up. It’s joyful. We sought joy.

We still aren’t a political site, we don’t aspire to be. But we are women with strong beliefs. We are women that believe in other women.

We are not the kind of women who sit and say nothing when misogyny is unchecked. We are not against the GOP but when the President goes on twitter to annihilate the character of another woman and we say nothing we become complicit.

When Jessica’s friend Elizabeth took another stunning photo in a BAD ASS WOMAN tee we had permission to repost it and then decided not to.

Photo of a beautiful woman in a BAD ASS WOMAN tee shirt holding a Cosmo

That was our mistake.

We decided that we were going to offend no one. We decided that we didn’t want to ruffle feathers with the women we know and love. Women who are staunch supporters of Trump and who decry feminism. These are women who use birth control. These are women who would never willingly work for less money than a man. These are women who rejoiced when California’s Tampon Tax was repealed.

These are women we like. These are women we respect as human beings and as other women. These are women with whom we respectfully disagree. These are women we will fight for. We will fight for their rights to free speech and to have opinions that oppose our own.

With the exception of Trump these are women who may have voted the same way we have. We’re not saying how we vote. Well, Jessica often does, but not here.

We apologize. We pretended like none of this was happening. We pretended like we didn’t hear Trump talk about grabbing women by the p*ssy. We pretended like we didn’t cringe when he talked about America’s past Secretary of State as a Nasty Woman. We pretended like things were normal.

Things are not normal. We Are Midlife won’t jump into the political fray anytime soon but we also won’t balk at posting photos of beautiful women wearing really fun tees.

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