What if you had a Navy Blue capsule wardrobe and stopped wearing black all the time?

Navy Blue and You

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Everyone needs a LBD but how many of them do you have? Instead of loading up on more black dresses how about something navy? Much like black a navy palette allows you to add nearly any other color you’d like as an accent. It’s not bright but it’s not dreary. Too much black is… well it’s just too much.

Zara makes a basic navy blue tank top with a twist that inspired us to share more options with you.


We were looking at Zara’s website and came across this blouse, which is perfect for going out to dinner. Just toss your tee shirt in the corner, wear it with denim and add some heels.

There are other great options to build out your wardrobe in navy. ┬áZara has some really cute little satin shoes that will probably fall apart by the end of the season, but who even cares? They’re cute and cheap.

Stefanie created an inspiration board with a few basics. Note: no denim is included. Denim is always recommended. You cannot go wrong with denim. Well… unless you do this.

So do this instead:

Navy Separates for your capsule wardrobe

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