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Blue Medi Spa: I Went for a Giggle, I’ll Return for the Products

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We are invited to events around town just about daily. Most invites begin with “hi hon!” or “hello loves!” and no, I did not forget my capital letters, someone else did. Between joining a country club and building an Instagram following I’m fairly sure I’ve set the feminist clock back at least 50 years. Did I mention that I’m called a girl quite often? Becuase I am. And I’m grimacing.

In any event, there was an invitation to Blue Medi Spa which is celebrating it’s 18th anniversary here in Sherman Oaks. It’s in the sweetest spot where the old La Reina Theater used to be. I figured I’d go and make fun of whatever it is they were telling us would make us all young and beautiful.

Surely it comes as no surprise to anyone that I’d have a skeptics eye when it comes to medi-spas. I’ve ranged from mystified to angered by the meteoric rise in labiaplasty and the marketing that surrounds it. Further, I live in an area where dermal fillers might as well be bought by the five-gallon bucket and the sheer volume of over-exaggerated trout pouts makes one nearly blind to it.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that there are men and women who I see many times during the day who have dermal fillers in varying amounts and I never notice that because the injections have been done so well.

So with that in mind, I headed into Blue Medi Spa with a skeptic’s eye.

The treatment rooms were set up with a representative from a provider as well as a singular treatment. The first one I walked in to was Thermiva. Thermiva is the treatment they do at Blue for vaginal rejuvenation. Know that the vast majority of vaginal rejuvenation makes me screechy and sends me into fits of bra burning and speech-making. The tl;dr for the speech is “Your vagina isn’t broken.”

And the refreshing thing about the folks at Blue is that they agreed. Amber talked me through the Thermiva treatment, what it does, what it does not do, and who it is appropriate for. She showed me a look-book of labia before and after that had been treated with the Thermiva and they did look smaller and we both agreed that they didn’t necessarily look better. We also laughed a lot, because talking about the “prettiness” of a body part that spends most of its day safely tucked away in undergarments is admittedly absurd. But, it is also a very real concern for many women and treating them is a very serious business.

Thermiva is a wand inserted into the vaginal canal that uses radio waves to tighten the tissue. The representative told me that it was would increase lubrication, help with urine leaks, increase pleasure during intercourse, and tighten the skin at the labia and vulva. I cannot say this enough times: I am a skeptic. I’m not sure this is something I’d do without talking to my gynecologist first. Actually, I am certain I would speak to gynecologist first.

Sherman Oaks Blue Med Spa Vaginal rejuvenation disposable wand

Amber and I talked a little more and she explained to me that some women could be uncomfortable in underwear or during exercise with larger labia and that Thermiva offered them relief from that. I’m not convinced that it wouldn’t be easier to buy new underwear but I understand wanting to be comfortable.

Since I’ve not experienced urinary leaking or menopausal symptoms I really don’t have an opinion about laxity or dryness. The folks at Real Self (which is like Yelp for cosmetic procedures) seem to really like it. Here’s a link to the Thermiva page, it features labia photos, open with caution.

Ask your doctor! If your doctor thinks Thermiva is a good idea Blue Medi Spa does offer it and they’ve been around for 18 years.

Other treatment rooms featured fascinating devices. Ultherapy is a non-invasive lift. It uses ultrasound to help the technician see what they are targeting. I think that like many other of these lifting treatments the success will depend largely on the skill of the person providing the treatment.

Ultherapy skin tightening Sherman Oaks Blue Med Spa


A very close friend has purchased an Ultherapy package for January and I’m excited to see her results.

One of the things that Blue Spa offers is a complimentary Visia analysis. Your skin is photographed and scanned for skin conditions both visible and not visible to the naked eye.This is fantastic because after having a treatment you can see what the results are. You can pop in six weeks later and check to see that you’re Ultherapy treatment is or is not working. They give quantitative results in the form of an age score. I suppose the promise of the treatments at Blue Medi Spa is that your age score will go down, Effectively aging your skin in reverse. I declined the Visia analysis. I’m just going to pretend that the sun is not destroying my face.

Visia shows damage to your skin

There were several other treatments that I learned about, one melts your last bit of fat, another is an alternative to Botox, yet another dermal filler can be used in your hands, there is a platelet-rich plasma that can be added to your filler… really there is no end to the solutions to be found at Blue.

There is one thing that didn’t vary from room to room. Every rep at every supplier talked about Blue Medi Spa as being a premier client for them. A treatment facility that did some of the very best work. This matters. They were voted Best Medical Spa of the year by American Spa Magazine.

Now let me tell you about my obsession. The folks at Blue gave me samples of SkinMedica treatments and I am here to tell you that Lytera for pigmentation is magical and that HA⁵ nearly instantly made my skin feel like it didn’t have pores and gravity didn’t exist. I’m going to head over there this week and try a full regimen of SkinMedica for the next month or so and see if I can get some relief from my redness as well.

I went to Blue Medi Spa for a giggle and I had one, but not at their expense. And I left with a pretty serious love of their skincare and a respect for their technicians.

Blue Medi Spa
14622 Ventura Blvd #118,
Sherman Oaks, CA

(818) 783-3600

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