Chanel’s $6,000 Grocery Basket

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Does Chanel love or hate us when they sell us a grocery basket that’s over $6,000? We know fashion should be fun. Jessica already bought herself a leather purse that’s routinely mistaken for a Balenciaga¬†paper sack. Balenciaga is completely sold out of their platform version Crocs and now…

Now you’re supposed to buy a secondhand grocery basket for $6,640? It’s not secondhand we suppose if the tags are still attached, as this one is that’s for sale on The Real Real.

would you buy a designer grocery basket from chanel?

But ladies, can we get real on this one? What does one do with a grocery basket? We’re always clanking into them when we’re wandering through Gelsons. In fact, we oftentimes give up and end up with the basket inside a cart that we’ve switched to mid-errand. How do you walk around town with this… bag?

Is it appropriate for the theater? Can you store it under your seat? The best use would probably be for Burning Man (no sand issues) or a nightclub. You’re making a pretty big statement after all. But what IS the statement? What can you possibly carry? A million little ipsy¬†bags? Certainly nothing clear.

If you see one of these in the wild be sure to channel your inner Margaret Meade and snap a photo. We’re not sure it really exists until we see proof.

Perhaps we could skip buying the Chanel Grocery Basket and instead just show people the price tag? That’s kind of the point of it anyhow, right?

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