Holding on to wedding gifts from 25 years ago is a problem to fix in the New Year. An anti clutter New Year Resolution.

Resolutions in the New Year

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Everyone knows that no one keeps their New Years Resolution. Ask any corporate executive at 24 Hour Fitness or Equinox. It doesn’t really matter how much your gym membership initiation fee is, people tend to stop going three weeks into January.

That cleanse you’re devoted to? I’ll bet that won’t stick either (and your doctor hopes so too – they really aren’t healthy unless medically supervised).

I do think there are many good and wonderful things to start in January.

A month without booze is a great thing, and if you are looking for support check out One Year No Beer– they have 28, 90, and One Year Challenges. Or check out Apartment Therapy’s January cure to clean up your home, 30 days of simple tasks to help get your home in order.

I asked Jessica if she made New Years Resolutions and she said, “I do a big housecleaning before Thanksgiving…that’s as close as I come to an annual event.” I have to say, those year-long commitments haven’t worked out well for me either. I like shorter term things. I tend to make goals that are achievable, like exercise three times a week. Not seven. Seven days a week of exercise is unlikely to happen and I don’t want to feel bad when I don’t meet my own expectations.

You’ll never see me say, “I’ll never eat carbs again”. That’s a setup for failure before it even hits dinner time. I read an article on Anti Resolutions, giving up an old behavior that isn’t working. That article spoke to me and I’ve decided to give up the sentimental clutter that doesn’t serve me, that I don’t use, that I don’t need, that I am only holding on to because it was a wedding present, or it was my mom’s or my grandmother’s, or you fill in the blank. I have loads of stuff that I just don’t need that I have been hanging onto because they have memories attached to them. The first thing to go? The napkin rings still in their box that was a wedding present.

Does anyone want to join me in an Anti Resolution? I’ll keep you up to date with how I am doing periodically throughout the year.

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