VibesModular for iPhones include a case, waterproof speaker and battery charger. Great for families, beachgoers and other travelers.

Our Kids Pilfered the VibesModular Speaker and iPhone Case (and who can blame them?)

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We were sent a VibesModular phone case, charger and speaker system to review.

Here’s the review: You want the VibesModular system.

Now let us tell you how and why you do and do not want this system for your iPhone. If you’re like us you might have an iPhone 7 because you had an iPhone 5, and before that a 4, and… well, you get the picture. Sometimes we feel like we have iPhones because of inertia and not because it makes any sense whatsoever. The apple ecosystem draws you in and once you’ve got a Macbook and an iPhone it’s easy to forget that there are alternatives.

iPhones have terrible batteries. Dreadful batteries. Short-lived batteries. The worst batteries. Did I mention that the battery can’t last half a day if you’re using it in any meaningful way?

If you are out and about or at an event where you’re looking to take a bunch of photos or videos a battery pack is a must. We have a million little battery packs but none with a terribly impressive track record. The only other battery pack that’s dazzled us recently is the Mophie battery station and carrying that around is like having a second, heavier phone with you. It’s a bad option with a small purse or in pockets only.

The Voltrox Power Bank promised to deliver 150% of the iPhone battery and it sure seemed to. We were able to get full days out of our iPhones, which previously was an impossibility. The added bonus of it snapping right into the phone case and costing just $49.99 makes it a great idea.

VibesModular smartphone case speaker and battery pack review

The kids have stolen the speaker. VibeRox is a really interesting little speaker. It’s smaller than the iPhone it clips into and weighs next to nothing. The speaker itself appears to be floating within the case so you’re extra aware that sound is nothing more than a series of vibrations.

The sound of the VibeRox comparable to that of the Bose and infinitely better than the Jambox. It has a lot of other stuff going for it too. Again, it’s lightweight, but it’s also waterproof and it’s the best speakerphone I’ve ever experienced. Perfect for little kids talking to Grandma. We spend a lot of time poolside and it’s pragmatic to get a speaker that will be waterproof, but previously a little sad because the sound hasn’t been great. The VibeRox is a nice sound that won’t be ruined by enthusiastic splashing or even a dunk.

Travelers will go bananas for the setup. We’ve not tried the StickyMount but we can imagine it being a great purchase for active lifestyles and busy shops.

The power bank and base are available for immediate delivery while the speakers are delivering in April. The system is new and exciting, and we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of these components around town.

BaseRox case $24.99 available now
VibeRox sound $114.99 delivering in April
VoltRox power bank $49.99 available now


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